City of Chelmsford Mencap does not receive any direct funding from Royal Mencap or government and therefore relies entirely on donations to run its services. 

Support our Big Give #ChristmasChallenge20!


As Christmas approaches, we are now turning our attention to 2021, and the specialist support our members will need us to provide. 


People with a learning disability have been particularly affected by the pandemic, enduring months of isolation and loss of regular activities that help them learn, socialise and keep active.  Many of our members will struggle to regain their former routines, confidence and wellbeing.  Life, work and social skills will need to be re-learnt in fun and engaging ways to avoid longer term emotional and physical health issues.

In light of this, we are now busy planning a new project, Going for Gold... and we need your help.... 

Our lifelong learning service will deliver a programme of therapeutic activities including arts, sports and cooking to help 75+ members regain and rebuild the vital skills that help them maximise independence, access to the community and lifespan. This programme of fun activities will be based on the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics and the messages of hope, togetherness and team spirit embodied by the Games.  

However, our charity is facing a serious financial deficit next year, as we have been unable to hold our usual fundraising events.

So, to help us fund the Going for Gold project, we are taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge, with the goal of raising £5000 through donations and match-funding.  This fundraising campaign takes place 1st to 8th December.  We need to raise £2,500 in donations during this week on the Big Give’s online platform.  This will then be match-funded by supporters who have previously made ‘pledge promises’ and by our ‘Big Give Champion’ Sir Alex Reed.